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Dr. V.Sitaram Prasad
M.Tech ,Ph.D , LMISTE,.,
Email- akits.org@gmail.com

An outstanding technical Academic professional with 28+ years’ experience of which 20 years of teaching and 8 years of Industrial. Involved in a wide variety of tasks in areas such as general administration, coordinating, teaching, educational assessment, academic activities.

Having a broad knowledge of organising, maintenance, managing and supporting the day to day activities required for running an educational institution. All of this means I can assist students in developing strategies that will help strengthen their knowledge, develop transferable learning skills, and achieve academic success and offers boundless energy and dedication to build stronger minds and a healthier academic world.

Any Nation today becomes self-reliant and internationally recognized only when it has promoted its global competency in Science & Technology. One of the competitive capabilities of a Nation is the share of producing a highly technical and professional manpower. A professional technocrat has to be thoroughly educated to thrive hard in building up his own intellectual capability at par with global technological requirements, failing which an Engineer will become a commodity in the global market instead of a society/enabler of wealth creation. In the present day global scenario, IQ gets you hired, but EQ gets you promoted. To enhance your EQ there should be positive attitude by getting proper environment, experience and education. Ability to work with others is prized in today’s emphasis on non-hierarchical teamwork.

You too, my dear youngster, success does not mean the absence of failures; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. It is you, to focus on strengths and weaknesses.

I Wishing all the best in your career and future endeavors.