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Rules and Discipline


All students are hereby directed to follow the formal dress code strictly. Wearing of jeans, fancy, T-shirts / pants with cartoon pictures, patch work, torn pieces, any kind of derogatory writing / jokes and multiple bulging pockets during the college working hours is strictly prohibited. This dress code adherence will be enforced with immediate effect very strictly. If a student is found violating this code of conduct, he will not be allowed to enter the college.


All College Rules & Regulations are to be followed very strictly. All students are hereby instructed that Cell Phones are totally prohibited in the College Campus with immediate effect. If any student is found possessing the Cell Phones, it will be confiscated and will not be returned at all.


As per the official order from Government of India, Government of Telangana, all students should possess valid student ID card issued by the College and should bring along with them the ID cards always when coming to the College.
No Student is allowed to enter the College without the valid student ID card. They should produce the student ID card to the members of the College Disciplinary Committee, Anti-Ragging Committee and Police Officials on demand. The Student not carrying valid IDs will be sent out of the college without any notice.
Those students who do not have IDs are hereby directed to get the IDs immediately by contacting the College office.


  1. A Student Shall be eligible to appear for university examinations if acquires a minimum of 75% of attendance in aggregate of all the subjects.
  2. Condonation of shortage of attendance in aggregate up to 10%(65% above and below 75%) in each semester or I year may be granted by the college Academic Committee on genuine and valid reasons on representation by the candidate with supporting evidence (medical grounds).
  3. A student will not be promoted to the next semester unless he/she satisfices the attendance requirement of the present semester / I year when offered next.
  4. Shortage of attendance below 65% in aggregate shall in NO case be condoned.
  5. Students whose shortage of attendance is not condoned in any semester / I year are not eligible to take their end examination of that class and their registration shall stand cancelled.
  6. A stipulated fee shall be payable towards condonation of shortage of attendance.