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The engineering subject EEE is where students can learn about electrical machines, power electronics, and power transmission and distribution. Simply put, without electrical engineers, there would be no power generation and no electronics or computer businesses. This explains why electrical engineering is crucial to the survival of other businesses.

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Strength Of the Department

A department of EEE was established in 2007 with great zeal, offering a B.Tech (EEE) programme to 60 students. Intending to foster economically disadvantaged students from rural areas in and around Kothagudem, the department also offers an M.Tech. in Electrical Power Systems with a capacity of 18 students and a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the second shift with a capacity of 60 students making us the best electrical & electronics engineering colleges.Engineering in electrical and electronics is a field that is always changing. 

The difficulties that modern engineers must overcome have increased along with technology. EEE is a subject that naturally collaborates with other fields of study to create brand-new engineering opportunities.


 Students are trained in this discipline by the EEE Department at AKITS employing cutting-edge knowledge and computer-intensive technology. The goal of the EEE Department is to send qualified electrical engineers out into the real world. They have the requisite professional skills and fundamental technical understanding to handle the challenges of the future. The dedicated academics and staff are prepared for this goal in every way.





To become a leading centre for producing Electrical and Electronics Engineers, creative researchers, and entrepreneurs who tackle the challenges facing the world in the future.


  • To create highly skilled electrical engineers who will serve society and the country.
  •  To equip graduates with cutting-edge electrical and electronic engineering knowledge.
  •  To raise awareness of renewable resource research.