Our Department

Research, design, development, and testing of electronic equipment utilised in diverse systems are all part of electronics and communications engineering (ECE). Engineers in electronics and communications also design communications and broadcast systems and supervise their production. This area of engineering focuses on microwave engineering, satellite communication, antennae, wave progression, fundamental electronics, microprocessors, solid-state devices, digital and analogue communication, analogue integrated circuits, and analogue transmission. Additionally, it deals with the production of electronic components, circuits, and communications technology.


Strength of the Department

With a first intake of 60 students, the department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was formed in 2007. Given the infrastructure and faculty strength of the RPS group, admissions have increased to 120 in a short period. The department of Electronics and Communication’s undergraduate and graduate programmes give students a strong technical foundation and research skills that enable them to succeed in their chosen fields.It offers students a variety of courses to choose from, including courses in power electronics, information technology, electronic hardware and software, automation, robotics, and control, communications, radio, and television, computer engineering, solid-state devices, microelectronics, and other circuits & systems used in varying applications, from simple circuits to sophisticated digital satellite systems, GSM & CDMA technology, speech processing, and computer science.






  • Moving forward in the direction of a global knowledge hub while consistently pursuing excellence in ECE-related research, entrepreneurship, education, and technological services to the public.


  • To produce fully qualified engineers in the field of electronics and communication engineering with a background that would allow them to pursue successful careers in both India and overseas in industry, research, or higher education.
  • Providing comprehensive, high-quality education to create inventive, business-minded, and professionals capable of competing on a global scale. Encouraging research that is focused on creating products to create self-sustaining creative hubs in ECE to meet societal demands.